Zackary Gourde


Hi, I am my name is Zackary, but I like to be called Zack! I am a sophomore from Grafton, ND. I live on a farmyard with my sister Alyssa, my mom and dad, Mark and Bernice Gourde, and my dog – Chase. I am unique because I was born on Christmas Eve & I have down syndrome. I was told I would never walk or talk when I got older, but I proved them wrong! I can do all of these things and MORE! Plus, I now get to work at Quotable Kids this summer! I cannot wait to see everyone in the clinic and puppy sit Arlo!

Some of my favorite things to do in the summer is go fishing, show off my muscles and play outside. I am hoping this fall I get to go hunting with my dad. During school, my favorite subject is weightlifting, I can lift 160lbs! I also enjoy playing sports outside like soccer and baseball. In the summer, I play on the Dream Catchers baseball team in East Grand Forks. I like to do bowling in the winter for special Olympics, this past year was my first year doing it, I enjoyed it a lot. I spend most of my time outside driving my four-wheeler around out yard. Every morning, I ride my bike to get my four-wheeler to pick up the mail. I am learning how to drive our diesel pickup with my dad. Hopefully one day soon I will get my permit! My favorite thing to do inside is play on my Xbox. I will spend lots of time building and creating new worlds on Minecraft. I am a good cook and baker. I can bake chocolate oatmeal cookies without any help at all! Don’t be fooled, I can make cookies, but I do not eat any sweets!