Sydney Johnson


Sydney graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of North Dakota in May of 2017. Upon graduation, Sydney earned a B.A. in Anthropology along with a declared minor in Biology. Throughout her undergraduate career, Sydney participated in various activities to prepare her professionally. Sydney held both the Secretarial and Vice-Presidential positions at the University of North Dakota Anthropology Club organization, and these positions prepared her for administrative work because of the intense group organization and community collaboration involved in the leadership responsibilities. Also, Sydney conducted and presented primary research at the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (AAPA) national conference, this experience gave Sydney the opportunity to conduct an extensive research plan, and to communicate the resulting data to relevant academic professionals of international interest. Sydney’s annual participation in AAPA conferences has allowed her to collaborate with scholars and academic professionals of national and international backgrounds. Sydney has been a member and supporter of this organization and its goals since 2014. Not only has Sydney’s educational background prepared her for administrative duties with Quotable Kids, but her past work experience has shaped her abilities for office management. Sydney was given the opportunity of holding the administrative/HR position of Expertise Trainer with Cabela’s. In this position, Sydney grew in her administrative skills by being charged with the scheduling and conducting of compliance training for all employees, and by organizing the implementation of new hires for the company. Throughout her time at Cabela’s, Sydney was passionate about the accuracy of scheduling for employees and collaboration with their supervisors, and she enjoyed welcoming new employees to the company and ensuring they had everything they needed to succeed with Cabela’s.

As a personal and academic interest, Sydney is passionate about people and their cultures. To Sydney, culture is more than a difference that dichotomizes people, it is an entity that shapes persons, their interests, and how they view the world, and Sydney finds nothing more deeply interesting than to be introduced to new people and to gain insight into how their culture and families view the world we live in. Not only are modern cultures of interest to Sydney, she has also extensively studied past cultures, ancient and historical, through archaeological evidences, and these studies have informed Sydney of the vast diversity in and the ever-changing nature of what it means to function as a community, a culture. These studies have focused largely on ideology and functionality of social groups (including the role of special needs persons in ancient cultures), and Sydney has become aware of ethnocentric tendencies, and the importance of understanding each culture, no matter how much it differs from her own. Sydney is therefore passionate about meeting new families, aiding them in their individual goals, and providing opportunities for success.

Sydney has been with Quotable Kids for over 2 years, and she has enjoyed the opportunity of meeting all of the Quotable Kids families and building a relationship with them.