Stephanie Suedel, OTR/L


Stephanie Suedel, MOTR/L is a life-long Grand Forks resident who attended Central High School and then the University of North Dakota. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy in 2003. She has been a pediatric occupational therapist for 15 years. Stephanie prides herself as a life-long learner, and strives to seek knowledge to best serve her clients. Throughout her career thus far, she has built her skills to reach a broad range of various client concerns and has specialized in many areas of pediatric occupational therapy practice.

  • She has extensive training in various types of feeding programming to address all ages and special circumstances. She is trained in Infant-led Feeding, the Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to Feeding (SOS) for all age ranges and for children with autism. She demonstrates expertise in developmental and oral motor skill approaches to feeding and is able to treat a variety of feeding concerns including: poor bottling/nursing, decreased ability to transition through feeding milestones, decreased or limited menu, failure to thrive, cleft lip/palate, and tube-feeding related intake concerns.
  • She has extensive knowledge in sensory processing disorder and related programming. Sensory processing disorder treatment is a specialized area of occupational therapy practice that addresses a child’s ability to register, process, and respond appropriately to oneself, the environment, tasks of daily living, and social experiences. This specialized type of treatment also addresses the child’s ability to process and regulate emotions, attention, and engagement to tasks and others.
  • She is a Therapeutic Listening® Certified therapist. Therapeutic Listening® uses organized sound patterns that are inherent to music to impact all levels of the nervous system to increase attention, balance, body awareness and control, communication, social engagement and organization of sensory input.
  • She has also completed training to build knowledge in visual processing, auditory processing, dyslexia, and related learning disorders.
  • She is trained in Reflex Integration programming. Integration of primary reflexes is important in order to learn easily, manage emotions and impulses, and meet life’s challenges. Incomplete integration of reflexes has been shown to contribute to a variety of issues including: anxiety, learning disorders, developmental delay, vision and hearing problems, lack of confidence and poor social interaction, and inefficient effortful work, and undue stress.
  • She is knowledgeable in the treatment of graphomotor/handwriting concerns and is trained in the Handwriting Without Tears Program to address all levels of writing from preschool/early writing through cursive writing.
  • Stephanie also has expertise in providing occupational therapy to address developmental fine motor and self care skills for those who have a variety of concerns including, but not limited to:  Autism Spectrum disorder, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Developmental Delay, and Brachial Plexus Injuries/Erb’s Palsy.

Outside of her career, Stephanie is a wife and mother of 2 children, who keep her busy attending hockey games and tournaments, dance competitions, school activities, and cello recitals. She and her family enjoy time spent traveling to their lake place in the summer, and attending all things hockey in the wintertime.